Services for professionals 

For a partnership of trust

Drivers without vehicles 

Drivers without vehicles. 
Rent our professional drivers. 
You have a fleet of vehicles and only want drivers

Advantages :

  • Drivers with extensive knowledge of Geneva 

  • Professional drivers

  • Don't change your habits

Don't want to drive or would you rather enjoy the comfort in the back?

Eons provides you with professional and discreet drivers, whether for the duration of your rental or for the duration of an escapade.

We adapt to your needs to accompany you in all your travels.

Our drivers are at your disposal whenever you want to take you where you want. Take advantage of a top-of-the-range service to experience your travels in complete serenity.

Feel free to ask for more information about this service when you make your reservation.

Drivers with vehicLE

Driver rental service. 
We have a fleet of recent and fully equipped vehicles. 

Advantages :

  • Clean and disinfected vehicle

  • Luxury and fully equipped vehicles

  • Professional drivers

  • Held impeccable

Do you need one or more vehicles with drivers? A special event, a convoy or just a transfer? We have reliable and experienced teams. All our partners are chosen according to exemplary ethical standards.

Our vehicles are the most recent on the market and are always renewed when new models are launched.

We also offer free benefits when you travel with our drivers, such as water bottles (soft drink/flat), Wi-Fi, charging cables for several types of devices, an IPad at your disposal allowing you to choose your music...

Documents, folds, packages,

For all small, medium and large companies,
eons offers you fast and efficient solutions for the management or delivery of your parts, contracts or any other urgent documents.

Advantages :

  • Professional and trusted drivers

  • Sharing all driver information with you

  • Camera that monitors your package to track it live

  • No need to travel

  • Deliver on time

For all small, medium and large companies, eons offers you fast and efficient solutions for the management or delivery of your parts, contracts or any other urgent documents. 
Our driver takes care of your request and takes care of delivering your goods in record time, for a simple simulation go to google maps and calculate the travel time. This is what it will take for our driver to execute your delivery.
Whether you are a watchmaker or a clothing store, an architect or an innovative startup, eons is ready to meet your expectations. 
Don't monopolize the valuable talents of your employees and call on real professionals. Have peace of mind and receive your delivery with peace of mind.

Unique marketing

A unique and original marketing campaign!
  • Vehicles that catch the eye

  • Traffic in high tourist areas with high visibility

 We offer you an original service to revive the image of your company or your brand. Imagine that! Dozens of prestigious vehicles flocked to your image and criss-crossing the roads of your choice, whether Mercedes AMG, Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche, you also have the possibility to select long limousines such as Lincoln or Hummer in order to do your marketing such a campaign will not leave indifferent any person who will cross one of these vehicles

Advantages :

Rooftop rent 

Best Rooftop in Geneva

Advantages :

  • Best Rooftop of Geneva

  • Rental prices include all the consumptions on the card.

Rent the best rooftop in Geneva located at rue du rhone for your special events and bluff your partners and customers. Make your company an exceptional image.