Diplomatic Services 

For a partnership of trust.

Partner transfer

Need drivers to transfer your partners safely ? 

Advantages :

  • We look for your partners at any time of the day or night

  • They don't need to wait for the transport we wait for them to arrive 

  • they benefit from free services such as water, sweets, chargers, wifi and more.

The advantages are numerous, in fact all our drivers are trained and hold a professional card. They have a minimum of 200,000 km of driving time and are ready to provide you with exceptional service. Many advantages await you. 
Bottles of them, chargers, iPads, sweets.... All provided free of charge on board all our vehicles

Transfer of diplomatic folds 

Transfer of diplomatic folds 

Advantages :

  • You have access to all the necessary information about the driver 

  • You have access in real time to the GPS position of your folds or packages 

  • You can see your package in real time thanks to our IP camera surveillance system 

  • You have complete control of the situation

  • A delivery code to be given to the recipient secures the mission

Diplomatic and consular services available at all times and with increased security, be sure that your mail or other documents are in safe hands. Entrust us with your documents and we will deliver them in record time anywhere in Europe. We offer you increased expertise in the management and delivery of your envelopes and diplomatic envelopes. What are your advantages? 
Real-time GPS tracking of your driver 
Real-time video tracking of your assets via our IP Cameras
- A locking or sealing of your folds
- Secure reception thanks to the reception code
- Secure convoys
- Protected folds under good escort
and much more...
Entrust us with your transport and delivery tasks, trained drivers specialised in offensive driving are at your disposal, with your vehicles or ours. 

Secured convoy


Need a secure convoy? 

we offer you secure convoys of several vehicles 

Advantages :

  • For a better discretion and safety all our vehicles are equipped with tinted windows

  • No one knows which vehicle you are in 

  • Our drivers are specialized in offensive and defensive driving 

For your safety and that of your partners, eons provides you with secure vehicle processions in order to be able to travel in complete safety and in irreproachable comfort,


Provision of services
A provision of one or more vehicles? 

Advantages :

  • ​Our drivers are specialized in offensive and defensive driving 

  • our drivers are waiting for you where you want and when you want for the duration of your reservation 

You need a fleet of vehicles with driver? eons takes care of everything. We propose you to organize and provide you with one or more vehicles with driver. Whether it is Mercedes V-Class, Mercedes S-Class or Mercedes E-Class, we can provide you with a constant and impeccable service. Our drivers are at your disposal for the entire duration of the reservation. Whether it is to transport your partners or customers, objects or documents or simply to carry out missions for you. They will be able to satisfy your needs because at eons we know how precious your time is. 

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